Skatercross Skatepark Reseda California – A Rare Glimpse

Browsing the pages of Skateboarder magazine in the 1970s one of the skate parks we always wanted to visit was Skatercross in Reseda California.

Of course I got to California 25 years too late the park was long gone – but through the 1970s cop TV show – Chips you can actually get a rare glimpse of the skate park! Bonus points if you spot Oliver from the final season of the Brady Bunch!

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3 thoughts on “Skatercross Skatepark Reseda California – A Rare Glimpse

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  2. Im very happy to see this old glimpse up it was my favorite park skated every weekend late 70s. I skated with Eric Gresham and Shredi Repass quite alot the day and competed in pro-am there in 78 or 79 been so long do not remember exact year. During that event i pulled off a frontside invert though did not get to top as wanted. zepher was still around and gave me a Z deck that day. until then i rode a deck made in woodshop.. lol. that got me going soon was doing rock and rolls. you name it. Had a blast back then but chose the Marines. Im 51 almost 52 and back skating still love it!! Post humus thanks to park for best days of my life!!

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