Sensation Basin 1979 Pepsi Skateboard Team Challenge

Sensation Basin, Gainesville Florida hosted many of the competitions from the early days of skateboarding. The Pepsi Team Challenge II from 1979 was especially fun and many of the early stars of the sport called the park home.

Pepsi has since gone on to sponsor the Extreme Games (X Games) with their Mountain Dew products. Here’s a great site for the old school skateboard community and a little history about Sensation Basin.…

Jonathan Geiter – 80s style. Vision Skateboards

Great to see young guys ripping 80’s set ups and doing 80s tricks. Bonus points for using a Warsaw (pre Joy Divison song)

Jonathan Geiter Skateboarding around Portland Oregon on a 1980s Vision Skateboard. Filmed by Tyler Koehler. Edit by Jonathan Geiter. Filmed in 2 days – 3/20 – 3/21/2014

Micke Alba Destroying the Combi. The Pipeline, Upland 1987

Micke and Steve Alba ruled the legendary upland skatepark back in the day. Just the other day whilst searching youtube for something else this rare footage from the Mid 80s of Micke at Upland came up as one of my suggested videos
Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

My video, taken 25 yrs ago on a regular weeknight in 1987. If Malba doesn’t make you want to go rip up the gnarliest, kinked, vertical concrete park ever, then give it up and move on to something else.

The Bones Brigade in Scotland Classic 80s Skateboard footage

The Bones brigade was one of the hottest skate teams of the late 70s Early 80s. Livingstone Skatepark in Scotland was one of the best skateparks in the UK in the 1980s – in fact it is still there today
Check this old school skateboard footage of the Bones Brigade ripping it up in Scotland

BIG THANKS!!! to Eleanor and Kenny for having this class footage!

Brad Bowman, Steve Olson Cherry Hill Skatepark Found Footage

One of my readers Paul C. contacted me today that he had found some footage that he took back in the late 70s of the legendary new Jersey Skatepark in Cherry Hill

The footage features Brad Bowman and Steve Olson , Paul’s only wish was to make sure Brad get’s to see it


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Skate Youth 1980 — 84 Steve Caballero’s 8mm home movies
Very rare 1970’s footage of Prince Charles skateboarding

Skate Youth 1980 — 84 Steve Caballero’s 8mm home movies

Skate Youth 1980 — 84 Steve Caballero’s 8mm home movies Skate City Park Del Mar + more
Legendary Powell / Peralta Skateboarder Steve Caballero’s 8mm home movies, starts out with “SKATE YOUTH THE MOVIE” and title cards between each segment naming each skate spot. Footage of skinny kids with tight shorts skating street, backyard pools, Skate City Park, Del Mar and more. Can you name any of the kids in it ?

see also:
Very rare 1970’s footage of Prince Charles skateboarding
Action Now Magazine TV Show – Vertical Skateboarding 1981 Del Mar ( Steve and Mickey Alba )