Sensation Basin 1979 Pepsi Skateboard Team Challenge

Sensation Basin, Gainesville Florida hosted many of the competitions from the early days of skateboarding. The Pepsi Team Challenge II from 1979 was especially fun and many of the early stars of the sport called the park home.

Pepsi has since gone on to sponsor the Extreme Games (X Games) with their Mountain Dew products. Here’s a great site for the old school skateboard community and a little history about Sensation Basin.…

Jonathan Geiter – 80s style. Vision Skateboards

Great to see young guys ripping 80’s set ups and doing 80s tricks. Bonus points for using a Warsaw (pre Joy Divison song)

Jonathan Geiter Skateboarding around Portland Oregon on a 1980s Vision Skateboard. Filmed by Tyler Koehler. Edit by Jonathan Geiter. Filmed in 2 days – 3/20 – 3/21/2014

Back in the Pool | Interview with Scott Foss

Scott Foss interviewed at the new Fremont skatepark. Doug and Scott discuss why coming back to skating completely transformed Scott’s adult life. The same day as the interview, Scott also landed his first handplant since 1981. And it was all captured on film.

“Back in the Pool” is a story that began with a broken humerus. Doug Conklyn is a skater who started in the 70’s, gave it up as a kid’s hobby, rediscovered it later in life, and then realized how important it really is to him when he broke his arm in a pool. Once he came to terms with what skating meant to him, he looked around at his friends and noticed how strongly skating has united people from all walks of life. But the story is even larger than that. It’s not just about Doug and his friends overcoming hardships and forming a bond through their mutual love of the sport, it’s the story of how human beings need to feel passion, and how finding something to be passionate about can save a person’s life. “Back in the Pool.” Above the Cut presents a film by Whitney Dinneweth. Coming soon.

Micke Alba Destroying the Combi. The Pipeline, Upland 1987

Micke and Steve Alba ruled the legendary upland skatepark back in the day. Just the other day whilst searching youtube for something else this rare footage from the Mid 80s of Micke at Upland came up as one of my suggested videos
Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

My video, taken 25 yrs ago on a regular weeknight in 1987. If Malba doesn’t make you want to go rip up the gnarliest, kinked, vertical concrete park ever, then give it up and move on to something else.

Ray “Bones” Rodriguez skating the Big O Skatepark 1980

Long before Tony Hawk, Steve Caballero and even Alan Gelfand were on the legendary skate team the Bones Brigade , there was Ray “Bones” Rodriguez. Ray was a ripper even as a little kid – enjoy this footage of him practicing for the legendary Gold Cup skate contest at the Big O skatepark.